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Comes with the taste of Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Avocado, Jalapenos, Sour Cream, Beans, Mayo And your Choice of Meat
• Ham • Beef Breaded Steak • Wieners
SINGLE TORTA One Choice of Meat TWO MEATS TORTA Two Choices of Meat $8.49 HAWAIIAN TORTA Ham, American Chesse & Pineapple $8.99 CHILANGA TORTA Ham, Cheese & Wieners $8.99 MEXICAN TORTA Ham, Cheese, Wieners & Beef Breaded Steak $9.49 CUBAN TORTA Ham, Cheese, Wieners, Breadded Steak & Mexican Sausage $9.99 BURRITOS Comes with Rice, Beans, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion SMALL BURRITO - Flour Tortilla, Cheese & One Choice of Meat $7.50 LARGE BURRITO - Flour Tortilla, Cheese, Two Choices of Meat $9.99 VEGGIE BURRITO - Flour Tortilla, Mexican Cheese & Avocado $7.50
Combo 1 Burrito $10.00 Combo 2 3 Tacos Choice: Corn, Four, Hard $10.50 Combo 3 Torta Choice:   One meat $10.00 Combo 4 2 Enchiladas Red or Green $11.00 Combo 5 Poblano pepper Choice: Corn or Flour $11.00 Combo 6 Chimichanga $11.00 Combo 7 Round Quezadilla $10.00 Combo 8 Taco Bravo $11.00 Combo 9 2 Taco rice and beans Choice: Corn, Four, Hard $10.00 Combo 10 Green Burrito $11.00 Combo 11 Plate of Meat $12.50
Pineda Tacos
Big Quesadilla $9.49 Cubana $9.99 Burrote $9.99 Nachos $7.50 3 Enchiladas $10.99 Alambre Choice: Corn or Flour $12.50
Comes with Lettuce, Tomato Sour Cream, Cheese & One Choice of Meat / Onion & Cilantro
CORN TACO Soft Corn Tortilla, $2.49 HARD SHELL TACO Hard Corn Tortilla, Onion & Cilantro $2.70 FLOUR TACO Soft Flour Tortilla, Onion $2.70 TOSTADA Fried Corn Tortilla, Beans, Onion & Avocado $2.70 BIG TACO SALAD Rice, Beans & Guacamole $8.99 TACO SALAD VEGGIE with Mexican Cheese - NO MEAT $6.99
NACHOS with Meat, Guacamole and Jalapenos $7.50 MEATS for your Torta, Taco or Burrito BEEF •Chopped Steak •Steak with Onions •Steak in Mexican Style •Barbacoa PORK •Mexican Sausage •Pork in Green Sauce & potatoes •Pork In Chipotle Sauce •BBQ Pork •Roasted Pork CHICKEN •Chicken In Chipotle Sauce •Chicken In green sauce & Potatoes •Grilled Chicken
SPECIALTIES ALAMBRE (Beef or Chicken) Green Peppers, Cheese, Ham, Mex Sausage, Pineapple, Bacon and Spices $12.50 Next with Rice, Beans, Lettuce, Tomato & Avocado: ENCHILADAS (3) Corn Tortilla filled with Meat, Topped with Green Sauce & Sour Cream $10.99 PLATE of MEAT Tortilla & One Choice of Meat $10.99 Big Quesadilla One Choice of Meat $9.49 EXTRAS Rice   $1.99 Beans   $1.99 Chips $1.99 Guacamole  $4.49 1/2 Avocado $1.49 Cheese Cake $3.99
FLAVOR WATER Horchata •Small $2.49 •Large   $3.49 Fountain Drinks Pepsi, Slice Orange, Sierra Mist, Lemonade & Fruit Punch •Small 20oz $2.29 •Large $3.29 Coffee $1.55
TAX NOT INCLUDED prices may vary without piror notice